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Melonie Nielsen

Yoga and Movement Educator

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Yoga with Melonie

Yogi's Unite Yoga club Yoga with Melonie
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Structural Integration

Movement Education 

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What My Students Say About My Courses

Stanton L.

I feel like this course has set me up for success as a yoga teacher, and it has given me invaluable tools for my personal life. Melonie is an inexhaustible source of experiential wisdom and insight. The curriculum she has set up is engaging, both fun and challenging.

Melonie is an inspiration, sure to transform your yoga!

Various Comments

I have much better body awareness and I have learned a lot more about myself then I ever imagined. Whether you plan to teach or not, this is a great program to gain better understanding and awareness of your body and how to get the most benefit of your practice. Melonie makes it fun and easy to understand. 

I learned so much about alignment! Wow - I think about asanas and my everyday posture in a whole new way.


I loved the training and tried to put my everything into it. Thanks for your love and devotion to teaching! 

Kristin  P.

I feel I have learned how to safely and effectively teach yoga, but more importanly I have learned how to share this transformative experience - Yoga. Melonie is intensely personal, supportive and full of care in her teaching. I am forever touched and forever grateful.

Invest in yourself

Take your movement to a higher level

Stay updated with educational tips and latest offerings

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